Specialized Equipment

At Pressure Concrete plus we have a selection of specialized equipment which was customized to suit the needs of the construction industry. All our specialized equipment is available for rent and come with a highly trained operator.


Power Shovel

Custom Concrete Pump

Small Aggregate Concrete Mixer & Pump

Power Shovel Custom Concrete Pump Small Aggregate Concrete Mixer and Pump
The Power Shovel utility loaders possess the versatility to handle countless jobs on every site. This compact utility loader is an innovative, rugged and dependable piece of equipment professionals can use every day, for virtually every job. It can be used for drain cleaning, landscaping, working in confined spaces and many other applications, with a wide range of attachments. Our Custom Concrete Pump offers the best horsepower, output volume, and concrete pressure combination. It has the ability to pump the harshest pea gravel mixes all the way up to 1" (25mm) hard rock concrete at speeds ranging from 0 to 30 cubic yards per hour. No other concrete pump has its power, versatility and ease of use. This mechanically driven plastering machine with piston pump has a particularly high capacity. It can pump difficult types of mortar smoothly to heights of 30 stories without surging.